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Enjoy watching the first half of Art for the Soul - FREE
Live art created by
The Sandman- Marcus Winter.

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Mauri Ora! 



Sand Art


These videos showcase some work you can see in 'The Sandman Show'- filmed by award winning director Shae Sterling.

My background is in street art - taking sand art to the stage was a challenge. I went from starting out painting on a banana box at the Otara Fleamarkets, as raw and humble as it was - it's where I found my confidence to perform art live.

These videos help show that journey from streets to stage- live sand art and ink art- a new form of entertainment.

When I first started out performing live on cruise ships people would clap all over the place seeing imagery done live - and it sounded really 'ugly'! A cruise director noted that they loved the art - but I needed some kind of 'clap control'. 

'In the Jungle' is what I use to help warm up the crowd - and teach them my specific 'clap control' signal. 

This hopefully gets their attention... because there is always that lot that doesn't! lol!


Sand Art


Inspired by artists online, and encouraged by others to try sand art. Richard Jefferies ( CEO of Vodafone Events Centre at the time) saw potential in me from previous encounters, and sponsored my first lightbox.

What stories could I tell? How could I use this medium?

Being passionate about my own culture - 'A Māori Tale of Creation' was born, and I have been able to share the beautiful stories within my culture around the world and it is something that I am proud to do.

This was my first ever sand art piece - and it was used to help open the countries largest art market 'The Original Art Sale'.


 Ink Art


Grateful to live and grow up in New Zealand - surrounded by natural beauty, culture and spirit.

This art piece is of no specific place, but a reflection of some of the peaceful landscapes that I have experienced here and abroad, that just leave you feeling refreshed renewed and in awe.

Before sand art , I was into speed painting techniques practiced only by a handful of artists, and I have travelled and learned from different artists around the world.

This technique uses a special ink, on high- gloss ( like photographic) paper. 


Ink Art


This piece is a representation of the journey from this life to the next of a paradisical place.

Passing on is one of the inevitables of life - a time to reflect, ponder and be grateful.

'Carpe Diem' Seize the day!

Full Moon


Sand Art


lIts a privilege to be able to travel - especially with recent world events made me appreciate more the amazing cutures and places in the world.

This celebrates some of the amazing landmarks around the world - bonus points if you've been fortunate enough to visit all of them!

What are some of your favourite destinations? 

3/4 Quarter Moon


 Sand Art


Everybody deserves a happily ever after. One of the things I adore being onboard cruise ships - is being able to see the affection given of couples who have been together 50- 60 years- it is beautiful to see.

Its ok if you don't have a partner too - the most important person to love is yourself!  

To your happily ever after!

Final Phases


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What is 'Art For the Soul'?

Art for the Soul - is a DVD that is now available online. Its was shot by award winning director 'Shae Sterling'. It is 45mins a relaxing live art - including Sand Art, and Ink Art from NZ leading live art performer Marcus Winter. Hundreds of hours have gone into the process of creating these artworks. 

Learn the insights into the thoughts behind the work - and give you an idea of what to expect to see at one of his 'Live Art' Shows.

What access do I get for free?

You'll get access to the first half shown above FREE! 'In the Jungle, Māori Creation Story and Inspired by Beauty'

The reason why its free is that I hope you enjoy what you experience- and hope if you did that you would consider upgrading- by donating an amount to help support future sand art creations.


What community projects does the 'Sandman' support?

For the past 3 years Marcus has been involved with South Auckland schools helping deliver sand art stories in sand, in both English and Māori. 

Your support will help add the production value of these projects and allow more kids in schools to have access to these sand art stories for free plus develop future works.

View more about this initiative here



Over the past decade of work, Marcus Winter and his “Sand Art” has become established as a rising success story within the cultural and artistic landscape of Aotearoa, Winter’s work has achieved both critical and commercial success with placements in major advertising campaigns and events across the Pacific.

Winter’s artistic passion stems from his culture, ancestry, country and desire to promote and preserve Te Ao Maori on an international scale. A largely self-taught artist, Winter has proved his adeptness across a range of mediums with his sand animations requiring a rare skill-set involving AV production, editing and script-writing.

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